Cool Chain Europe 2015

26 - 29 January, 2015

Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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Confirmed Speakers 2015

 Graham Martin
Graham Martin
Supply Chain Excellence Manager
 Frank Binder
Frank Binder
Senior Supply Chain Director
 Royce Heap
Royce Heap
Cold Chain Manager
 Kaoutar Sahli Lenstra
Kaoutar Sahli Lenstra
Senior Cold Chain and Specialties Analyst
 Thomas Grubb
Thomas Grubb
Manager, Cold Chain Strategy
American Airlines Cargo

What others have to say

"Very valuable. This year edition convinced me this is a yearly event I need to attend" Sr Cold Chain & Specialty Logistics Analyst, Pfizer
"The Place to Be!" Business Development Manager, Cryopak
"Great to keep up to date with changes in legislation, get practical insights and experience from managers on the coal face, keep in touch with industry colleagues and further develop friendships and business." MD, TP3
"This was an extremely valuable event to attend and left with new ideas and thoughts on controlled room temperature logistics" Head of Air Cargo, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
"One of the best events I have visited over the last 5 years" Manager Logistic & Material Handling, Crucell Holland
"The best of the past 12 months." Managing Director, Supply Chain Operations SA
"Cool Chain 2014 is the prime venue for us to introduce such a product, because it is the place where all Pharma people are. So far it’s been a blast! We had very high expectations and I think we are just over the top" CEO, SkyCell AG

Download the Agenda

Download the Agenda

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Europe’s Biggest and Longest-Running Gathering of Life Sciences Logistics, Supply Chain & QA Professionals

Cool Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe is coming to Frankfurt, Germany!

Yes that's right, for the first time ever we will be coming to Germany in January 2015, taking up residence in Frankfurt, one of the largest logistics hubs in mainland Europe!

Every year everyone who's anyone in temperature controlled logistics - whether on the supply chain side or QA - get together at Cool Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe. With 500+ attendees, this is the #1 place to be for life sciences logistics, supply chain and QA professionals.

No matter whether you're looking for amazing networking opportunities, exclusive presentations and interactive workshops, or a new technology or packaging provider, on January 26th-29th there is only one place you can get all of this - Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe!

Key Programme Highlights for 2015 Include:

  • Cost-effective GDP compliance
  • Preparing for GDP inspections, and results from actual inspections carried out this year
  • Lane and conditions qualification – having a validation master plan
  • Standardisation of quality auditing for airlines
  • Lufthansa site visit at Frankfurt Airport!
  • The viability of sea freight – don’t miss the panel debate with Maersk!
  • More effective use of temperature data to better control the supply chain
  • End-to-end supply chain integrity
  • International and emerging market strategy – expansion and optimisation
  • Supply chain network and distribution design
  • Stakeholder engagement, strategic partnerships and working with suppliers

And much more… To see a full list of topics and find out about this years highlights take a look at the agenda here.

As the lines between supply chain, logistics, QA and purchasing continue to blur, we have put together a programme that is broad and yet specific, focused and yet accessible, inclusive and targeted – the best content line-up and international expert speakers we’ve ever had.

2015 is going to be a year full of changes within QA and logistics. Make sure you kick it off by giving yourself an advantage – book your ticket to CC & Temp. Controlled Logistics Europe 2015 today!

  • 360 Pharma Supply Chain eBook 360 Pharma Supply Chain eBook

    Facing a ticking clock of temperature sensitive cargo and strict regulations, ensuring end-to-end supply chain effectiveness is of paramount concern. The Pharma Supply Chain 360 eBook addresses the 4 key global pharmaceutical supply chain challenges of supply chain integrity, good distribution practice (GDP), temperature controlled logistics and security.

  • TAPA EMEATAPA EMEA's Chairman on Solutions to Improve Supply Chain Security & Data Collection in 2014

    A recent study by NEA Transport Research and Training, shows that cargo crime is up to €8.2 billion alone in the European Union, but these figures could be much higher according to Thorsten Neumann, Director Corporate Security Nokia & Chairman TAPA EMEA. In this Cold Chain IQ interview Neumann discusses the latest initiatives for utilising supply chain data collection and analysis to improve supply chain security, as well as current solutions for improving supply chain security.

  • CRT State of the Industry Infographic 2015CRT State of the Industry Infographic 2015
    In preparation for the 14th Annual European Cool Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistics Summit,  Cold Chain IQ surveyed over 100 temperature control and quality professionals involved in the distribution and storage of CRT life science products about their priorities for 2015 and to understand their investment expectations in the next 12 – 18 months.

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